Enjoy Your Travel in Sydney with Express Maxi

Express Maxi

Having a personalized maxi cab that ferries passengers from point to point would be an amazing facility.  Well, if you are looking for such kind of maxi cabs, we have a solution to your problem. Here come the cabs which operate among the flexible routes, having flexible fares and meeting points. Not only this, these cabs come in 12 and 33 seater versions.

An added advantage to this is the free child seat, and baby capsules, attached in such vans on demand which ensures the safety of your infants. And yes, your experience will be worth the money spent. These are the max-vans for Sydney airport transfer. And obviously, if you are traveling with your family and friends you will search out for a source of transportation that will provide you with the best comfort at reasonable prices. Moreover, you do not have to wait for the cabs because these will arrive at your doorstep on time.

Why Choose Express Maxi?

Being run by a crew of reliable operators, Express Maxi provides transportation services through Sydney and wider Sydney. The maxi cabs services by the Express Maxi aims at issuing transportation to the customers at very reasonable prices.

Other than this, reaching the destination at the set time is made sure by the taxi cabs booked through this online portal. Be it reaching any event or any destination, the services provided are made according to the customers’ requirement and the importance to reach the destination on time is kept as a priority.

Services by Express Maxi


This best maxi in Sydney can be booked on a personalized basis for visiting any destination. You can get it booked very conveniently sitting in the premises of your home for tasks like site seeing, going shopping, or even taking a hotel-pickup for a visit to Sydney airport Transfers.

Parties and Wedding

Whether it is about visiting a party or a wedding occasion, Express Maxi assures you the best services to the destination and back home. You can rely on this flexible service with its clean and fast approach towards customer satisfaction.

Small as well as a large group

These cabs can accommodate small to large groups and are obviously spacious. Our cabs will provide you clean space and hygienic surroundings. Not only this, but a benefit of a 10 percent discount is also provided while booking a taxi cab for more than 10 people.

School or sports tour

These express maxi cabs can also be used for schools and sports tours having 200kg luggage capacity. Our cabs are booked for the school trips and we ensure to provide the best services within your budget constraints. We provide the following services:

  • School excursion
  • Sports
  • Meetings and conferences
  • Educational Trips

These cabs will offer you a wide range of services within and outside the city and our services are provided on a daily and hourly basis.

Lost property

You can easily retrieve any item lost in our taxis. If in case you forget your important papers, wallet or any other item in our cabs we assure you a guaranteed return of those items.

Home/Office pickup

Our taxis are always on time and have 24/7 availability. You can not only book our cabs from anywhere but at any time too. The professional drivers are punctual enough to reach the destination well in time that reduces the long weight causing delayed departure.

Corporate/group bookings

Our cabs offer the pickup and drop facility for your office staff including the visit to different events may it be the corporate events or any weekend parties for the party goers.

Wheelchair facility

Our drivers assist people with disabilities by providing them the facility of wheelchair accessible taxi (WAT). WAT is a special kind of modified vehicle for those people who use wheelchairs. Australian residents who have a permanent disability are eligible for the taxi transport subsidy scheme. This scheme subsidizes the cost of travel for the people having a disability.

Tour services

Best maxi Sydney also provides tour services. If you traveling in Sydney for the first time, you can ask out your driver for providing sightseeing services.

Express Maxi cabs Sydney have easy access taxi positions at the airport for your convenience. Not only this you can also pre-book our cabs. Traveling through our cabs will ensure you that you will never miss any flight and will reach the destination before time. One of the major benefits availed by the regular customer is of account billing where your account will be maintained and you can make the payment at the end of the month.